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Paul has 15+ years experience in the fitness industry working as a self employed Personal Trainer. During this time he was training and fighting in Muay Thai which also allowed him to share his knowledge with his large Personal Training client base.

Having retired from Muay Thai through injury, Paul took the opportunity to pursue his passion for the sport by launching a Muay Thai club and thus Fierce Muay Thai was born in October 2017.

After 15 years of paying a corporate gym rent to train his clients, Paul decided to build his own Private Personal Training Studio and combine his businesses to become Fierce Muay Thai and Personal Training. In 3 years Fierce Muay Thai outgrew hiring other facilities and in 2020 opened a full time Muay Thai and Personal Training gym on West Street, Fareham.

The Fierce Personal Training experience supports all levels of fitness with the added benefits of:

  • 100% undivided attention from an experienced trainer 

  • NO queuing for machines

  • NO ONE to stand in the way of you achieving a great workout!

Contact us and join the FIERCE FAMILY!

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Muay Thai Class


Our Muay Thai classes are 60 minutes long and focus on all aspects of this ancient Martial Art. As we get new members through our doors at different stages of their Muay Thai journey we will ensure you get the attention suitable for your progression.

UK MuayThai Federation

Whilst Muay Thai is a solo sport, the club is very much based on being a family, with people of all ages (adults class 16+, juniors class 6-15) and abilities working together on pad drills and the occasional sparring session (personal preference).

Please note, all classes require participants to provide their OWN gloves.